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Estudios Mar

Estudios Mar

Multimedia Atistic Resolution

Estudios Mar

Movie enthusiasts. We love the interpretation, the design, the expression through image and sound.

Who are we?

I’m Drayes3d, my name originated in the 90’s, when a group of young people in their early 18s got together. It’s a mixture of the names, David, Reyes, Rafa and Esther, which little by little I made my own. If you’ve come here, I’d like to tell you my story very briefly.

The Story

I created Estudios Mar as a multimedia services company, which provided audio-visual solutions, small web developments, design, infographics, animation and video. Estudios Mar (Multimedia Artistic Resolution)

We were a group of people who mainly covered the sector of 3D generation of infoarchitecture images, and the creation of artistic videos for companies and individuals, as well as the recording of theatres for schools and events for family and friends celebrations, including the well-known ones such as the BBC (Weddings, in spanish Bodas, Baptisms and Communions).

It had different freelancers; photographers, editors, cameramen, designers, infographic designers and programmers, where I did a little bit of all of them too, mainly everything related to development, design and video, as well as devising ways of working to optimize time and increase the productivity of colleagues and give them support and help.

Over the years, and especially after the 2008 crisis, we were forced to close down a large part of the company, keeping everything related to the generation of 3D computer images.

Currently I continue to make, as a hobby, creative videos and short films, thus managing to make productions, not low-cost, of costs as ridiculous as the equipment I use.

Just one mobile phone for everything, for recording and editing. From the iPhone 4, through the 4s, 5s, 6s Plus, X, XS, 11 Pro and currently with the 12 Pro Max, achieving quite satisfactory results. For the short films, I am followed by family and friends to whom I am very grateful for all their support.

With these results, I can offer you as a professional, realistic 3d images of architecture projects, enter the page

And I can also offer you as an individual, small videos like the ones you can find in this page.