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Estudios Mar

Estudios Mar

Multimedia Atistic Resolution

Estudios Mar

Welcome to Estudios Mar, a site where you’ll find video, film, and web design content. You can go to the ABOUT US section to know a little about the origin of all this.

If you are interested in creating some video content on a personal level or need a website, get in  CONTACT and fill out the form. I’ll help you.


We are a group of people who love film and acting


Short films, video clips, presentations, we capture in video what you need


Simple and elegant websites


We create clean and effective pages for you from wordpress templates.

Video Creation

You have photos and videos of that family event, that trip, that little party, pass it to us and we will create a short video with the music you like the most.


Join our cinema session. To watch them you need to register on our video page, but you can see information about our short films.