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Estudios Mar

Estudios Mar

Multimedia Atistic Resolution

Birthday videos, communion invitations, and more

Do you want to make a video to congratulate a birthday, to make an invitation, to have a souvenir…?  Tell me what’s on your mind

Audiovisual Creation

Birthday events, parties, family or friend gatherings. Send me your photos and videos and I’ll make you a summary video with fun and entertaining music.


Fun birthday party for Rafa, 6 years old.


Birthday party for Antonio, 56 years old.

Send me your videos and your photos, I’ll make you a funny video with music. Every time you have an event you end up with hundreds of photos and videos, the best way to keep a memory forever.

Do you have an upcoming event and want to give it a surprise? Get in touch with me.

A day of rollerblading

You’ve had a fun day and want a souvenir, send us your photos and videos and we’ll make you one.

First Communion?

Communion Invitation

Are you going to take communion? Watch this original and fun video to invite your family and friends.

Do you have a company?

Do you have a company and want a video to show your customers?